US relations

The prime minister said anti-abortion views are out of line with Canadian society.
Make no mistake: Canadians are no pushovers. We were just blessed after WWII.
Freeland kept to herself her thoughts on the news.
The U.S. recently slapped duties on Canadian lumber.
"At some point you’ve got to stop backing up."
When Prime Minister Trudeau stated in 2015 that "Canada is back," many observers were hopeful that this would mean a Canadian foreign policy in which Canada took its historic place as an honest mediator. The hope was that Canada would help usher in an age of diplomatic solutions and peace: reducing conflict and standing up to tides of war.
"We know that when women are successful — in workplaces, in communities, everyone does better."
The U.S.-Canada partnership "just couldn't be stronger," he said.
He is expected to share his perspectives on upcoming NAFTA renegotiations.
"There has never been this kind of systematic analysis."