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US trade

The former PM said Canada will prevail in getting a new free trade agreement with the United States.
“Undoing globalization would be very costly....”
Batten down the hatches, British Columbia.
"At some point you’ve got to stop backing up."
In re-opening NAFTA, President Trump runs the risk of falling into the same kind of black hole created by Smoot-Hawley 87 years ago. Millions of Americans eventually lost everything after having been sucked in by their government's predictions of prosperity -- much in the same way as they are being sucked in today.
Trump may not want a fight — only a quick political victory.
Canadians buy a lot of American stuff. Don't forget that, Donald.
But currency traders could defeat the proposed border tax.
Potentially bad news for Canada, worse news for Donald Trump.
Ditching Mexico would make Canada more competitive, CIBC says.