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The sixth annual Indian Summer Festival is fast approaching, and arts and culture lovers all over our city are gearing up for what promises to be the most intellectually stimulating ten days of the year. Taking place from July 7th to 16th, the festival combines a range of events featuring thinkers, artists, and leaders from Canada, South Asia, and beyond into a program that promises to be enlightening, entertaining, and inclusive.
The executive director says she feels "complicated" about taking the money.
His portraits are so compelling you can almost hear his subjects tramp through the forest and smell their heaving breath.
"... this piece had a resonance with Vancouver, which is most diverse in terms of ethnicities, and is really a point of convergence."
Hours later, after testing various knots, my first swing was born. I remember the joy I felt when I first swung on my living room swing -- it was therapeutic. Stressful thoughts shed with each swing, and I knew this was the beginning of something more.
You can't get any more historic than a house built at the inception of its neighbourhood.
One thing you could never say about Andrea Hooge's art is that it takes itself too seriously. Kittens begging for treats, a doll barfing rainbows and detailed renditions of Bill Murray characters are just some of the things she's brought to life. Her body of work is diverse, prolific and reflective of her high level of skill.
"My photograph ... was deliberately manipulated..."
Which piece is your favourite?
Andy Dixon is creatively multi-talented. Before achieving success as a visual artist, he pursued an impressive career in music. Dixon is currently based in Vancouver, where he focuses on his colorful multimedia paintings. I caught up with Dixon to talk about his new solo show Canadiana.