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Companies like Tesla, Microsoft and Google were either founded by or are currently run by newcomers to the U.S.
Most people probably don't ever think about local industrial land. It's often tucked away in corners of communities -- out of sight, out of mind. But the fact is our industrial land supply -- or lack thereof -- is critical to the future of every person, family and community in B.C.
One created a simple, inexpensive HIV test, while the other designed device to improve air flow on plane cabins.
My prediction is that, in the next two to three years, and with the right kinds of risk-taking and mentorship we can increase the culture of growth here in Vancouver. With investment in more Growth Hackers and Data Scientists in Vancouver and we will start to see more billion-dollar companies emerge.
It's a $6.5-million initiative.
Microsoft has announced plans for a training and development centre in downtown Vancouver. The Microsoft Canada Excellence
Instead of dreading swimsuit shopping, a Vancouver company wants you to love it — and your body, too. Nettle's Tale, founded
What does it take to win over a Dragon? Three Vancouver entrepreneurs just found out. Dustin Sproat, Kyle Hagel, and Kamil
Creativity is the design of novel and useful products. Exploring the world through creative and innovative lenses results in solutions to challenges. Stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing play is essential. It's what creativity goes with and cities need to be more playful to keep talented creative people: which is why Emily Smith started the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire.
Business leader and philanthropist Milton Wong, who grew up among eight siblings in Vancouver's Chinatown and later helped