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vancouver housing bubble

New data underscores what many Vancouverites have speculated: real estate investors are major players in the city's booming
I don't understand Vancouver condo owners. I just don't. Now, this is a broad, sweeping generalization but most of them, from what I can tell, are completely contrary creatures. Potentially even, dare I say, a little bit nutsy. They have strange habits that leave me in danger of having a permanent mark on my forehead from repeatedly slapping myself from hearing about their latest actions and escapades.
Amid the weekly up and down reports on Vancouver's housing market is one constant: a regular blog feature called "Absurd
Vancouver homes are overpriced by about 26 per cent, says a report released by a major U.S. credit ratings agency. Fitch
Looking for rental housing in Vancouver may be getting a little easier as vacancy rates edge up and with some landlords offering
The City of Vancouver is considering a proposal by people in Cedar Cottage, a neighbourhood in East Van, to build a "cohousing
Vancouver's real estate market continues to trend downward as January housing starts lagged behind last year's numbers. The
Greater Vancouver recorded its second lowest January in home sales since 2001, according to a report by the region's real
British Columbia's real estate market is expected to rebound this year after dropping almost 12 per cent in 2012. The B.C
While China's policy change has impacted investors' cash flow in the short term, it hasn't curbed their enthusiasm for Vancouver real estate. The sudden rise and fall in real estate prices that we're seeing now in China, as well as fluctuations in the overall economy, mean that people view investing there as no less risky than placing bets on a baccarat table. For many Chinese investors, parking money in Vancouver feels as safe as investing in treasury bills.