vancouver real estate market

The CMHC also flagged Toronto, Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina in its red zone.
The government is stepping in.
Homebuyers demand up, homesellers supply down.
As an investment adviser, I know that diversifying your investment portfolio is smarter than investing everything into any single sector. Consider real estate like any asset class with its own sets of risks, and not as a guarantee: it isn't. People have lost money in the real estate market, even in Vancouver.
No. 4: Prices are expected to continue climbing.
Vancouver's city planners could learn a thing or two from Europe.
The home is only 3.6 metres wide.
City officials want to know if vacant homes are contributing to skyrocketing housing prices, and they're hoping the public can help...
Selling multiple adjacent homes as one package can be extremely lucrative.
In all of my meetings and blog posts, I always emphasize creating a budget and sticking to it, even if it means waiting a little longer before you buy, or buying something smaller.