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vancouver traffic

Canadian cities can't beat L.A., Moscow or New York on gridlock.
On the bright side, things are getting better.
Mayor Gregor Robertson calls the removal a "once-in-a-generation building opportunity."
A literal bump in the road caused a mountain of trouble.
Commuters in the worst Canadian cities spent an average of three-and-a-half DAYS sitting in traffic in 2014.
One of the best decisions I made was when I stopped commuting six months ago. I now work much closer to home at a flexible worksplace. I get to drop my kids off at school. My morning stress has decreased significantly and I start my days off much happier than I ever did when I had to commute. I believe it's time for businesses to consider if it's truly necessary for people to commute in rush-hour traffic every day to get to work.
TomTom — a Dutch-based company which specializes in navigation and mapping products — issued its fourth annual traffic index
Metro Vancouver should implement a road pricing strategy to combat traffic congestion, according to a report released today
Vancouver has the worst traffic congestion in North America. Worse than Toronto, worse than New York, worse even than Los
A major construction project on West Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver is going to be affecting traffic for the next two