A report released by Vanier's charity L'Arche found at least six women were abused.
Pontiff slapped woman's hand away while he was meeting the public in St Peter’s Square.
77-year-old George Pell could face 50 years in prison for molesting two choirboys.
People from around the world have gathered to push for reform within the Catholic Church.
It's a step forward in Russian-Vatican relations.
Minority groups would be the biggest losers if a new civil war breaks out.
"It's a huge honour to be invited into the Vatican, into the Pope's presence and have the most important political issues of our time addressed by such a key faith leader."
After being called out by a father earlier this year for his actions at a Walmart in Stratford, Ont, now Justin Bieber is
A total of 19 men were named to the senior ecclesiastical post in an announcement at the Vatican. The appointment means Lacroix
Most atheists have read much more of the holy books than theists think. They are surprised when an atheist is able to quote a passage from holy scripture. So, atheists thank them very much for their concern, already know about the gods, but just don't share their faith in those gods. Can atheists have a dialogue with theists, then? Yes, if theists can agree to remove two hurdles.