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Opposition leader Juan Guaidó called for an uprising against the government, triggering a wave of mass demonstrations.
Canada is not concerned about human rights or democracy, but rather regional interests and economic interests.
The supporters of the dictatorship are not welcome in Canada, where they and their families enjoy the human rights they have denied Venezuelans.
President Trump's comments, made at an impromptu press session on Friday, surprised Venezuela's leadership.
"The people made their voices heard loud and clear: no to dictatorship, yes to liberty."
When a population suffers major harm as a result of repression by its government, and the latter refuses or neglects to redress the situation, it is the responsibility of the international community to act in its place. But the international community does not fully assume its responsibility to protect the Venezuelan people.
The country's economic crisis is having physical effects on its citizens.
Food shortages have people getting desperate.
After enduring government-mandated power blackouts, shortages of medicine, standing in line for food, and rampant crime, Venezuelans were standing in line last week for a different reason: to validate their signatures in an attempt to force a referendum to recall President Nicolás Maduro.