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They answered the call when our country needed heroes; now we have the great privilege of caring for them. In honour of Remembrance Day, we'd like to introduce you to two of Canada's Second World War Veterans.
Canada's top general says a letter he sent to the parents of a soldier who committed suicide in 2008 was never meant to imply
Calling it "seriously irresponsible," the veterans affairs minister is accusing a public service union of trying to deliberately mislead people with a new ad campaign about mental-health services for veterans.
OTTAWA -- Some of the biggest job cuts at Veterans Affairs in recent years have been in the disability awards branch -- the
HALIFAX - Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino said Sunday the department's $1.1 billion dollars in unused funding over
The Canadian Forces situation is dire. Our compensation system woefully decrepit. Our government spends 1 per cent of the GDP on defense on par with Lithuania and Latvia. The equipment that soldiers use is in such a poor state that the probability of sustaining casualties is much higher. Casualties that veterans affairs can't possibly handle given the current state the department is in. The truth of the matter is Canada is about as ready for another war as the Hapsburgs were in 1914. I implore upon those deploying to Iraq to take care. I understand how much you want to deploy. You must understand that the current government support to you are hollow promises and even though you have given a blank cheque for this country the feeling is far from mutual if you return home missing pieces.
OTTAWA - The Harper government has taken to social media to make the case that it's being generous to disabled veterans, but
OTTAWA - Only four of Canada's 521 severely wounded Canadian veterans might be eligible to receive up $10,000 per month in
OTTAWA - Veterans of bureaucratic battles over the treatment of ex-soldiers unleashed a scathing critique Tuesday of the
Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino said Thursday the work done by his department is a social contract with veterans