veterans affairs offices

Fantino was replaced as the minister Monday by Erin O'Toole. Fantino returned to the post of associate minister for defence
OTTAWA - The recent closure of eight Veterans Affairs offices has ignited a war of words between former soldiers and the
As you may or may not know this past week, I was part of a delegation of veterans that pled and begged that the designated Veterans Affairs offices earmarked for closure remain open. While preparing for the press conference, the minister entered our room. The veterans, some upwards of 85 years old, had been going non-stop for 12 hours at this point. Hungry, weary and upset at the minister's failure to materialize at the earlier scheduled meeting made the room feel like a ticking time bomb. I felt sick to my stomach and I knew this would end badly.
A scheduled meeting with a delegation of veterans, at least one from the Second World War, was abruptly cancelled and the