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Laurel Collins, Racelle Kooy and Nikki Macdonald are vying for a seat in the House of Commons.
Lisa Kadonaga decided that one of Victoria's bushes would make the perfect place for Spicer to hang out.
Passersby tried to help.
That's one way to take advantage of all the snow.
Why is flushing money down the toilet the thing the Capital Regional District board seems to be best at? And how can the municipal politicians and officials charged with building a sewage treatment centre be so oblivious to things that don't pass the smell test? (No pun intended.)
Police say the 22-year-old man in charge of the vending cart was found in possession of 150 grams of marijuana.
The band's final tour kicked off in Victoria on Friday.
The House of Commons in the United Kingdom banned hissing and applause 323 years ago.
For me, the best part of traveling is when I chat with the locals. I learn from them what life is like in the town or city. Where do they eat? What shops do they visit? It can be an amazing way to explore a new destination. I asked those very questions to locals in Victoria, and here's what they told me.
His record spans decades.