violence against women

The geogame coming to Ontario ‘glorifies’ violence against women, advocates say.
How many women dare to publicly say that we won’t be patronized?
Police recently laid Canada’s first terrorism charge in an alleged misogynistic crime.
The N.S. shooting is just one example of someone abusing people at home and then turning to mass killing.
The Dec. 6, 1989 attack still feels disturbingly relevant.
"I knew I had to fight. My rights and safety were not self-evident."
Nathalie Provost hopes the Dec. 6, 1989 attack that left 14 women dead will never be forgotten.
The UBC graduate and lawyer was blinded by her husband after asking for a divorce.
She paid a visit to the memorial for a murdered South African student this week.
"They're essentially doing the same work year after year with less money."