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More people are using credit cards, which has retailers seeking relief.
The State Department may ask for up to five years of your social media handles.
Switching to digital payments would boost the economy, a new study argues.
"We're focused on putting cash out of business."
In Canada, merchants pay much more than businesses in other parts of the world for accepting credit card payments.
TORONTO — Canadian merchants may soon start charging customers extra to pay with certain credit cards thanks to a settlement
Two of the biggest companies doing retail business in Canada are at war with each other: Visa and Walmart. Most Canadians have not noticed, though, because the war is taking place only in select markets. However, if the current trend continues, it could be -- as the slogan goes -- coming soon to a store near you.
Visa is retaliating for Walmart's decision to stop accepting the credit card in Manitoba.
Visa "disappointed" as Walmart cuts off its cards.
Three Ontario stores were the first locations to drop the credit card in July.