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Help kids of all ages understand we're all in this together.
The Perrotts had been working with an orphanage in Swaziland.
You don't have to spend money to make a difference.
Canada is currently presented with a unique opportunity to stand on the global stage as a role model for equity and inclusion.
Rated Red's Luke Williams weighs in on the realities of being a natural disaster volunteer. There's a lot you probably won't expect.
Canada 150 is the perfect time to take responsibility for the kind of country we want to live in, and for what we can contribute to making it a reality.
Your kid is holed up in the basement, alone in the dark except for the glowing screen and the alien invaders from their favourite video game. Again. Don't worry; an alternative to space war is on the way.
Let's all think about why and how Canadians can be encouraged to give their time, talent or treasure for the common good, and then find ways to put our ideas into action. And let's challenge ourselves to become an even more caring nation.
It seems like a no brainer. Supporting charitable organizations and doing acts of kindness is the right thing to do. Most people get that. My family and many Canadians are very privileged. I feel we have an obligation to give back, to "pay it forward."
We are presented opportunities everyday to make a difference in the lives of those around us, near or far, through our actions, time, or money. Whether we embrace that opportunity is up to us and, evidently, even the smallest of gestures or actions can veritably snowball into lasting results.