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Voter Turnout

"If a young person doesn't vote, you are still voting."
Elections Canada is trying something different: it's making it easier for young people to cast ballots, Global News reported
"Get people to vote by reaching them through their stomachs, rather than just talking politics."
This is democracy in action.
Last September's proposal by the four parties isn't about engaging voters, it's about tracking voters in an era of data mining.
Thursday is election day in Ontario. After a long, bruising campaign, Ontario voters will soon find out who'll be running
If you can't be bothered to pay attention and have decided that your vote won't matter anyway, you may unconsciously be setting an example that your children will follow. If we want to live in a viable democracy, we have to be willing to think critically and to take some risks.
OTTAWA — An Elections Canada pilot program aimed at encouraging student voting during the 2015 election could be grounded
As citizens of the "free world" -- North Americans, at least -- we have a great power bestowed upon us: the right to vote. Yet this basic right is often taken for granted. Understandably, enacting one's support for politicians can be frustrating, but fundamentally they are chosen by us to manage our tax dollars. And listen up: you pay taxes.
OTTAWA – The Conservative party is trying to prevent voters who don’t support their party from casting a ballot, the NDP