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While Canadian ISPs cannot share customer information without their consent, Canadians regularly travel to the US and use WIFI or cellular data on electronic devices and computers. In cases where they use cellular data or WIFI via American ISPs, their personal information may be accessible. Selling customer data to third parties is how Google and Facebook make money. However, information collected by an ISP is much more detailed than what Facebook and Google collect.
Netflix CEO says protest is "inconsequential."
Netflix wants to make all its content available everywhere, but that won't be easy.
The prospect of considering expanded blocking for copyright purposes validates the fears of civil liberties groups that the introduction of blocking requirements invariably expands to cover a wider net of content. Canadian copyright was already on track for a boisterous debate in the coming years with changes such as copyright term extension mandated by the Trans Pacific Partnership and a review of the law scheduled for 2017. If government officials envision adding VPN usage, access to U.S. Netflix and website blocking to the list of issues, copyright could emerge as one of the government's most difficult and controversial issues.
Bell's claim that the minority of Canadian subscribers who access U.S. Netflix through VPNs are "stealing" simply does not withstand legal scrutiny. Those subscribers might be breaching the Netflix terms and conditions, but that is not breaking the law.
Accesing U.S. Netflix in Canada is “stealing” and the country needs a measure of “behavioural change” to stop the practice
HBO’s standalone streaming service went live in the U.S. on Tuesday, quite possibly marking the beginning of a whole new
Many Canadian households have gotten used to accessing U.S. Netflix and other non-Canadian TV services thanks to virtual
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Major media companies are beginning to lobby Netflix and other streaming services to prevent users from accessing content