wage growth

Canada has a shortage of rental apartments, but developers are catching on.
The $14-an-hour minimum wage didn't derail Ontario's job market, but for young workers, things are tougher out there.
With the jobless rate at four-decade lows, we should be seeing better pay hikes than this.
Jobs are booming all over the world. So where's the wage growth we normally see in times like these?
The job market lost some steam in April, but the overall picture remains bright.
Blame the rise of the machines for stagnant wages, Conference Board economist says.
Automation, rather than globalization, has hollowed out middle-income jobs.
With wages soaring in information, culture and media, that bachelor of arts degree might pay off after all.
Minimum wage isn't keeping up with the rising cost of living, many argue.
But that could be good news for indebted households.