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war of 1812

Quick history quiz. Who started the War Of 1812? Who fought in it? Who won? If you're like many Canadians, chances are you
Officially Ottawa does not count the War of 1812 as part of our creation story. But surely this short and brutal conflict should bear as much weight as any battle fought in the fields of Flanders.
The War of 1812 presentation is a painless history lesson that changed the direction of both Canada and the U.S -- and was completely unnecessary. As one soldier of 1812 laments, it pitted people of the same background against one another. For what? No one is sure.
Don't feel guilty if you couldn't pass the silly Canadian history trivia tests that ran in most of the country's newspapers recently. A lot of people in governments, universities and publishing companies make good salaries working with Canadian history every day don't care much about it, either.