Warner Bros

The Toronto-based company has signed a deal with WarnerMedia.
Warren Appleby was struck in the head by metal while on the DC movie set.
Warner Bros. and China Media Capital announced their Hong Kong-based joint venture two days before the start of Chinese President
Meet me at the beginning of the red carpet. That was the text that started my night, last night. The beginning of the red
Oh, Canada Part 2. We continue our list of Canadian arts mavens you should know. Our source? Some more make it happen Canadians
Warner Bros. has turned to a Vancouver beach to help promote their highly-anticipated summer blockbuster, "Pacific Rim." On
Veronica Mars television series creator Rob Thomas and series star Kristen Bell began a Kickstarter fundraising campaign that would guarantee production and distribution of a movie if at least $2 million is collected from the public by April 12. Why should fans be asked to fund this specific project when Warner Bros. likely has money in the bank to produce the film themselves?