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But a lack of up-to-date data means we don’t know what’s happening with the lower-income Canadians who lost work this year.
The people at the top hold roughly $3 trillion between them.
China and the U.S. are leading the world, a new 2020 rich list says.
Business owners have a responsibility to reject an economic system that pools profits at the top.
Canada's "unsustainable" economy means we're burning through our wealth to keep our paycheques coming.
TFW your ideal salary is five times the national median income.
A German study busts the long-held belief.
The housing slowdown in Toronto means Canadians, overall, aren’t getting any richer.
Rising house and stock prices are behind Canadians' rapidly-growing riches.
Beyond helping break the cycle of constant consumption and allowing people to focus on things that matter -- like friends, family and time in nature -- a shorter work week would also reduce rush-hour traffic and gridlock, which contribute to pollution and climate change. It could help reduce stress and the health problems that come from modern work practices, such as sitting for long hours at computers. And it would give people more options for family care.