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weird al

Years ago Weird Al Yankovic parodied Green Day with his song "Canadian Idiot." Now the singer is hoping to meet many of his
The first round of Grammy nomination reveals began Friday with Ed Sheeran and Pharrell Williams announcing four big categories
With Weezer’s release of their ninth studio album "Everything Will Be Alright In The End," one of music's greatest and most
First 'Weird' Al Yankovic won the internet by releasing eight music video spoofs in eight days. Then he won the music industry
Weird Al Yankovic is basically known for two things: his wacky and hilarious songs and his curly, luscious locks. The "Mandatory
"Weird Al" yankovic took over the Internet last week, releasing eight videos over eight days to promote his new album, "Mandatory
Weep with me, readers, for this 'Mission Statement' video marks the end of Weird Al's eight-day pop cultural takeover. But
And lo, on the seventh day the Lord (but not Lorde) said to "Weird Al" thou shalt make fun of celebrity obsession with a
Weird Al's sixth salvo in his Internet invasion is the video for "First World Problems," a song that sets the popular hashtag
On day five of Weird Al's take over of the Internet, Yankovic has offered his first non-spoof with "Sports Song." Rather