The government didn’t give aid to vulnerable people to pay the bills through the pandemic “to then claw it back afterwards," the PM said.
Canada's welfare state flourished after the Second World War and could again from the pandemic.
As many as 54,000 children could be eligible for $40,000 in compensation.
Corporations denounce increased government spending. Except, of course, when government largesse flows their way.
This government seems far more interested in budget cuts than in policies that genuinely support the most vulnerable Ontarians.
The last time the party exaggerated claims of widespread social assistance fraud, it do so in order to justify deep cuts.
We need to dismantle welfare and replace it with a better and more dignified form of income support.
We didn't want charity, especially when we needed it the most. Yet it was the blind kindness of strangers that made the toughest of times a little less daunting. A full belly was one of our first steps towards a fuller life. What was once a source of shame for my family is now an important part of our story.
As Canadians have been doing for more than three decades, refugees from Syria and many other countries turn to our nation's food banks, because government supports for the most vulnerable don't even provide enough money to cover the most basic necessities.
I saw a clip of a woman asking Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson how he reconciles traditional Christian values