What's Working

Entrepreneurs Have A Duty To Social Ezra Bailey via Getty Images
Why You Should Give A Crap: A Tale Of Two Oxfam International
Supporting Haiti During And After The Andres Martinez Casares / Reuters
Mama Bear Teaches Us How To DAREarts
Canada, The Kids Are Not Purestock via Getty Images


Hate Is Not Welcome In Our Rabbi Idan Scher
There Is Nothing Normal About Violence Against michelangeloop via Getty Images
Giving Tuesday Skeptics Are Missing The photosbyhope via Getty Images


Canadians Want A Rights-Based National Housing Chris Wattie / Reuters
Don't Just Sit There Because The Election's Star Max/IPx


A Nazi By Any Other Name Must Still Be CNN


Give Premature Babies A Chance To Experience Life And Rachel Schrader
"What's Working" is a global HuffPost editorial initiative to double down on our coverage of people coming up with solutions to the very real challenges we face. While we will continue to cover the stories of what's not working as relentlessly as we always have, we're going beyond "If it bleeds, it leads” to shine a light on the stories of creativity, innovation, ingenuity and compassion the media too often overlooks. We've heard of copycat crimes. Our hope is that by showing the complete picture of our world, What’s Working will inspire copycat solutions.