William Shatner

The Canadian icon called the refusal to adopt the federal app “bizarre and dangerous.”
The "Star Trek" icon was married to his wife, Elizabeth Shatner, for 18 years.
The award recognizes outstanding achievement, dedication to community and service to the nation.
He was found dead on Dec. 15.
The actor objected to the use of his name and likeness to help promote a $1-million, 2-bedroom penthouse.
The six-year-old, who has autism, has issues with many other foods.
"I’m deadly serious, you understand."
James Doohan was more than just an actor and a Star Trek crew member -- he was a real-life war hero and was also central to shaping elements of the series itself. In the Second World War he was a pilot and took part in the D-Day invasion of Normandy (and was hit by six rounds).
Given Lucy's respiratory, arthritic, foot problems and emotional distress, it's unfair to expose Lucy to the long frigid winters, and deprive social interactions with her own kind. It's unconscionable to exploit an ailing elephant for profit under the guise of education at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.
A 59-year-old radio DJ from Florida claims to be the actor's long-lost son.