It's not an easy conversation to have with loved ones, but it's necessary.
You'll have peace of mind, if you prepare for all eventualities, as a solo parent in the pandemic.
Our expert breaks it down for you step-by-step.
There are approximately 87 things to do within 72 hours of someone passing, leading to 87 or more decisions to be made, and 87 possible disagreements.
Just as the loss of a pet is devastating for the owner, the death of an owner can also have a traumatic impact on their beloved companion.
As a qualified trust and estate practitioner, I often receive an increased number of calls in January from people who are either updating their wills as part of their New Year's plans, or unfortunately, experienced the loss of a friend or family member.
“Let him who desires peace prepare for war.” Who would have thought that this quote by Flavius Vegetius Renatus could be
The word probate, while still very frequently used by lawyers, may confuse people who do not have a legal background. Part of the confusion stems from the fact that the word probate is an old-fashioned term that can refer either to a legal process or to a particular kind of court order.
Amendments to the Income Tax Act have been made that incentivize planned charitable giving. Prior to 2016, gifts to registered charitable organizations made by will received tax credits that could only be used in the year of the testator's death or carried back to the preceding year.
It has been estimated that $750 billion will be inherited in the next decade by the Baby Boomer Generation. Within those