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wireless industry

Only Iceland and Norway perform more quickly on mobile, a report says.
The Conservative government is prepared to cut Telus Corp. out of a valuable auction of cellular frequencies if the big wireless
If Public Mobile’s 220,000 customers haven’t yet noticed any impact from the company being bought out by telecom giant Telus
A prominent analyst has declared Wind Mobile “all but dead” after its parent company wrote off its entire investment in the
The Conservative government may make good on promises to overhaul the country’s telecom laws to reduce the amount small carriers
“The best [the industry] can say is we’re not as bad as the U.S.,” says Dwayne Winseck, a professor at Carleton University’s
The ice storm that slammed central Canada has left hundreds of thousands of residents in Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec
It’s not every day that Industry Canada goes on a campaign against a major industry. And it’s certainly not every day that
Wireless carriers in Canada, including those bidding on a block of prime spectrum tomorrow, must agree to allow police and
At least three foreign telcos aside from Verizon have looked at bidding for wireless spectrum in Canada, a source close to