wireless industry

Only Iceland and Norway perform more quickly on mobile, a report says.
Upstart competitor Freedom Mobile is already offering an unlimited plan.
Shaw has officially entered the wireless market.
MONTREAL - Cogeco Cable Inc. (TSX:CCA) says it will encourage Ottawa to allow the creation of a new type of wireless network
TORONTO - An investment group that includes Wind Mobile founder Tony Lacavera and Canadian private equity firm West Face
TORONTO - One of the financial backers of wireless startup Mobilicity has filed a lawsuit against the federal government
OTTAWA - Wireless carriers in Canada have been banned from imposing exclusivity conditions in contracts that forced smaller
OTTAWA - Greater competition in the tightly-controlled mobile wireless market could result in savings of about $1 billion
OTTAWA - Federal lawyers are suiting up for a legal battle over whether a new code of conduct should be retroactively applied
The Conservative government is prepared to cut Telus Corp. out of a valuable auction of cellular frequencies if the big wireless