wireless prices

The Liberals promised to reduce plan prices by 25% within two years.
Big Telecom sees an existential threat in proposals to increase competition.
Canada's disappearance from the list comes just as the country was poised to show improvement.
Canada kind of sucks at this free trade thing; the U.S. faces a record labour shortage.
Major competitors are against the idea of being forced to lease their networks in a bid to reduce prices for consumers.
Canadian telcos make 70 times as much per gigabyte, per person as telcos in India, and 23 times as much as Finland.
The latest edition of an annual federal study finds Canada, along with the U.S., still has the highest telecom prices among G7 countries.
Canada's major wireless companies often act in tandem with one another, the result of years of regulatory protection from competition.
Meanwhile, a report argues there's nothing wrong with Canadian wireless prices, so let's ditch our federal regulator.
This might have something to do with those deals the Big Three offered last month.