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wireless rates

"The digital divide is unacceptable."
GATINEAU, Que. - Canada should heed the lessons learned in Europe about adopting rules intended to keep wireless prices low
The Conservative government may make good on promises to overhaul the country’s telecom laws to reduce the amount small carriers
Canada’s Big Three wireless providers will no longer be able to charge their smaller competitors more than what their own
Canada’s new rules for wireless came into force Monday, marking the official end of much-hated three-year contracts for cellphone
What is it like to be a citizen in a digital age? And what type of nation are we in a digitized world? Many of us can't look away from our screens -- second screens, TV sets, mobile phones, desktops. We're increasingly disconnected from each, but we're hyperconnected through tweets, Facebook updates, messages and emails. Today we launch our Digital Divide series, and we start by asking, who are we leaving behind? Is access to broadband internet and literacy in technology crucial? Do we need to redefine what are basic needs?
Haters of Canada’s big telecoms (and we know there are lots of you), here’s your chance to gloat. The country’s dominant
A long-simmering cold war between Canada’s big telecom firms and consumer advocates has turned hot over the contentious subject
HuffPost Canada readers got what they most wanted from the CRTC Monday — an effective end to three-year cellphone contracts
A Manitoba wireless customer says he’s looking into switching phone companies after being charged more than $28 for downloading