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wireless spectrum auction

OTTAWA — Opposition parties are questioning the Conservative government’s decision to sell wireless spectrum for an incredibly
The Harper government went to war with Canada’s big wireless companies, and lost. But there may yet be time for a rematch
It’s not every day that Industry Canada goes on a campaign against a major industry. And it’s certainly not every day that
Wireless carriers in Canada, including those bidding on a block of prime spectrum tomorrow, must agree to allow police and
Efforts by Canada’s Big Three wireless companies to maintain their dominant positions are likely to “stifle innovation and
Quebecor just lost a regulatory battle over “mandatory carriage” for its Sun News Network, but the regulations on an upcoming
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says there are no “special loopholes” in Canada’s wireless rules for large foreign companies
For several weeks now, the big three telecommunication firms — Bell, Rogers and Telus — have joined forces and waged a public
The Harper government needs to explain to Canadians how it intends to review and address national security concerns related to Verizon Communications' entry into this country's wireless market. Verizon has been deeply involved in the world's biggest ever spying scandal, as revealed by former CIA contractor Edward Snowden.
OTTAWA — Industry Minister James Moore may be offering a conciliatory gesture to Canada’s big cellphone providers after a