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women in Politics

Andrea Horwath was trying to ask about COVID-19 restrictions.
There are more women in politics in Canada than ever before.
Women in power receive a staggering amount of hate, online and off.
Nine out of 19 MLAs elected are female, unofficial poll results show.
l was involved in politics for 25 years and saw plenty of frat boy behaviour.
The picture is less rosy for certain demographics.
“Some would call this the ‘glass cliff.’”
I'm often asked what we can do to reach true equality - a world where women and men were equally represented in everything from government to business. If I had to pick one single thing we could address, I'd say confidence. Simply put - men have it. Too often, women don't. On this International Women's Day it's important to celebrate and recognize successful women. Young women, girls need to see others succeeding in fields that traditionally have been dominated by men. It's important for young women to see other women in politics and government.
In celebration of International Women's Day, Equal Voice filled the House of Commons with women between the ages of 18 and 23 to represent every riding in the country.
"There is no better time for Canada to demonstrate its commitment to advancing women's rights."