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Wonder Woman

While girls are taught to develop the full spectrum of who they are, boys are still taught to be emotionally repressed.
We should be able to separate Middle Eastern politics from a fantasy film.
Lina's life as a refugee has been fraught with loneliness and fear. Her journey began with the murder of her father.
The gender pay gap is alive and well in Hollywood.
We're just thankful it was never made.
Bye bye, male gaze.
From Diana's 1941 all-star debut to becoming a feminist icon in the 1970s and coming out as queer in 2016
It's already breaking records.
Geek culture has a sexism (and, yep, racism) problem that it has been unable to shed despite growing into our era's dominant form of pop culture. This subcultural sexism has been a roadblock for female geeks over the years. But times are changing, and movies like Wonder Woman are speeding up that process.