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Working Poor

A new report says one in eight, or approximately 12 per cent, of people in Edmonton are currently living in poverty. The
The idea of a minimum annual income for every Canadian could provide a more efficient alternative social safety net, but
Film footage of a 1976 parade in Dauphin, Man. recorded on Super8 film. (Video: YouTube/Leo Bunyak) By giving a community’s
Depending on whom you ask, a company like Walmart will either feel pressure to raise wages under a minimum income -- or it
This article was not written by a robot. But a decade from now, it could well be. When people hear the now-familiar refrain
Minimum wage jobs used to be the domain of teenagers and seniors, but now an increasing number of Canadians are raising families
The median after-tax income for a family in Canada was $71,700 in 2012, according to StatsCan’s latest income survey, released
The hardest part is standing in the same spot for 12, or sometimes 15, hours a day — it aggravates the arthritis in her back
How is it that people with higher wages deserve an increase, but those at the bottom do not? It is hard to believe the Panel suggests that people living in poverty, unable to pay rent, buy food, or heat their house are reaching a 'minimum standard of living'.
Time and again, those of us barely scraping by on precarious appointments in the service industry are fed the same exhausted occupational rhetoric: "Prosperity in the 'new economy' requires flexibility and sacrifice on the part of the labour force." Translation -- welcome to the precarious labour trap.