And that's just since the start of the year at a centre west of Toronto.
Salesforce, Keg Restaurants and the City of Toronto made the list.
Younger generations are more aware but they still face a stigma.
It's important to me to help empower other women to progress throughout their career.
As a former human resources manager, I can assure that most employees are not aware that they are annoying you
If you have to hop on a call, you might as well do it in a secret library.
It's often suggested that women become "soft" and unfocused if they become mothers, but being a mom can actually improve your job performance.
You never know who you might meet in the course of your work day at a part-time job, even if you're serving coffee.
If you recognize someone like this at your workplace, you might be better off looking for a job somewhere else.
To be disliked by a person who has so much control over your workday and your career is a huge stress builder.