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Historica Canada even released a new Heritage Minute for the moment.
The French family hid 12-year-old Charlotte Adelman in their cellar for nine months.
The Historica Canada CEO calls the findings around millennials gratifying.
The discovery led to several closures in the city.
To celebrate the ideas of the constitution made more 200 years back might seem irrelevant and outdated. However, for Norwegians everywhere May 17 is a reminder of freedom fight, of identity, and of gratefulness for shared values. In Canada, we find a close ally that share these ideas.
His remains — identified through a combination of dental records, historical context and artifacts — were found only last
The war in northwestern Europe was almost over and Pte. Frank Graham, who'd fought with the Canadian 1st Division all through
WWII forged a special bond between Canadians and the Dutch, and we'll never forget it.
"You no smuggle!" said the customs agent. It was nine-year-old Bev Miller's first trip to continental Europe. Bev landed
Two years ago, a great man died at the very impressive age of 97 (and a half). He is remembered and missed for the love, strength and support that he gave his family and friends, for the many great contributions to the Canadian mining industry during his long life, and also for his service in the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II.