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Conservatives also want the decision to outsource the Canada Student Service Grant program examined.
The PM is facing cronyism accusations for tapping the group to administer the Canada Student Service Grant.
Young women saw the biggest gain in jobs in August.
Young people are becoming an ever-smaller share of Canada's population. (Photo: Getty Images) That is, unless aging Canadians
For youth, the last recession never really ended.
Are we a genuine focus, or was #PMJT merely appealing to student and youth voters by addressing our federal election campaign demands? Following a campaign with such a strong focus on young people, we should expect nothing less than Trudeau's promises to youth to be included in his first budget as prime minister.
For most people in my generation, stress runs high. Among high school students and university/college students, academic stressors are king. That said, the main stressors facing students and recent graduates are integrally connected. Career stress is a big concern.
Tree-planting has been a popular money-making gig among students for decades, but for Brontie Hladysh, it's more than a summer
While you were hard at work last semester studying and preparing for exams, the Government of Canada was busy, aggressively trying to attract foreign youth to Canada to work this summer. In the next two months a small army of ambitious youth from all the world will arrive in our airports. They will be issued an open work permit, and they will immediately begin to apply for the jobs you may have wanted this summer.
Ontario youth looking for a job may have better luck in parts of the U.S. Rust Belt or the Eurozone, according to a new report