Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, one in four Canadians under 30 is "NEET" ― not in education, employment or training.
Canada's youth have been hit very hard by the COVID-19 lockdowns, more so than in any typical recession.
The youth job situation is the economic problem the Bank of Canada's governor takes "most personally."
This past month I attended the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance Summit in Berlin, Germany. The mission of G20 YEA is to
Contenders faced off in their second debate.
When there are no beds, homeless youth often resort to sleeping in garages, in abandoned trailers and buildings or even worse, in forests and fields and other hidden places across the region. They are vulnerable to illness, emotional trauma, criminal threats and violence.
Young people are becoming an ever-smaller share of Canada's population. (Photo: Getty Images) That is, unless aging Canadians
Part-time work is on the rise.
The whole speech was an hymn for democracy, aiming to remind us that after all this time, since democracy was first born here in Greece, its flame still fuels the progress of our society. He reminded us that democracy is neither perfect, nor complete.
For youth, the last recession never really ended.