04/26/2014 09:23 EDT | Updated 06/26/2014 05:59 EDT

How You Can Help Bring the Pro-Choice Fight To the Federal Government

Today I shared this message with the rallies happening across the country in solidarity with New Brunswick Pro-Choice advocates.

On behalf of my proudly pro-choice caucus members, I want to thank you for being on the Hill today in solidarity with the women of New Brunswick, the women of Prince Edward Island and the women all across this country who cannot access their legal right to choose.

Today we are clear that the right to choose means that abortion services must be accessible for all Canadian women, regardless of income, region, or province.

Prime Minister Harper has told us that he won't reopen the issue of abortion. But we know from the U.S. that the way these Conservatives choose to erode abortion rights is to deny women fair access.

The Harper Government's attack on choice has been long standing. They have attacked Planned Parenthood, cut funding to sexual health clinics and services, and implemented a vehemently anti-choice agenda at the international level. Here in Parliament, a Conservative backbencher puts forward his anti-choice agenda every few weeks. And despite his pronouncements, this Prime Minister has gone as far as appointing an anti-choice Minister of Status of Women who is now the Minister of Health.

But Canadian women and men are clear. The right to choose is a woman's right. And women's rights are human rights.

And YOU have been clear -- we are not prepared to roll the clock back on Canadian women. Because of your pressure, together, we have stopped anti-choice efforts in Parliament time and time again.

But we must continue to fight back. Minister Ambrose and her Government are all too happy to sit by while regressive governments in New Brunswick and PEI deny women their right to abortion services.

Today, I am asking you to help us bring this fight to the Federal Government. It is the duty of Minister Ambrose, the Minister of Health to intervene immediately to ensure that the Canada Health Act is enforced in the province of New Brunswick and the Province of PEI.

Let's let the Minister of Health know that we demand immediate Federal action. Send her letters. Send her tweets. And sign the petition that's being shared on the Hill today.

We will not stop. And we cannot stop until it is clear that all Canadian women, no matter who they are or where they live have access to their rights, including their right to choose.

Thank you. Merci.

In solidarity,

Niki Ashton

NDP MP for Churchill

Critic for the Status of Women