04/04/2013 12:43 EDT | Updated 06/04/2013 05:12 EDT

Don't Max Out Your Credit Card, Recycle Your Style


Once all the fashion weeks wrap up around the world, I love perusing all the new trends that will be hot and happening for the spring. Now clearly, as many of you would agree, the best part of new trends is shopping for new clothes, but wait a second, let's be financially responsible for a second.

Before we start swiping those credit cards and making our bank accounts ache, we should keep in mind that we still have quite a few viable outfits from last year. So why not recycle?

Now if you're not sure which trends are coming back this year, or you weren't paying attention last year and have no idea where to start... well that's why I'm here. I've listed out my top five looks from 2012 that will be back with lasting power for at least one more season.

Colour Blocking



I am personally a big fan of big bright colours in the warmer months, so colour blocking was definitely a hit with me. Colour blocking allowed us to cut neutrals right out of our outfits and just focus on the vibrant tones of orange, pink, purple, green and yellow. I know some of you are going "no neutrals?!" but embrace the colours and have some fun!

High/Low Skirts & Dresses


Suzy Shier

I don't even know what it is about a high/low hem that is just so incredibly cute and comfortable, but it just is! Now funny story about this one; I accidentally shrunk one of my favourite cotton maxi dresses last year and the hem was at this really awkward ankle length. Lucky for me, I have a seamstress genius for a mom who was able to transform that dress into a high/low style that has made this dress one of my favourite pieces for the spring.




Now I know emerald is the colour of the year, and I'm not going to argue that (especially because it's my birthstone), but mint is where it's at. Mint looks beautiful on practically every skin tone and is also just a beautiful light colour for the spring. You can wear any clothing article or accessory in mint; literally everything from pumps to blouses and you'll look fab!

Palazzo Pants



I have a confession; I did not embrace this trend last year. Though I loved it, and I saw a really fantastic picture of Kourtney Kardashian in an amazing pair of red palazzo pants, I just never found any that I loved enough to purchase. I also think it's tricky to pull off this look for those of us who are vertically challenged, but I am making it my mission to find the perfect pair of palazzo pants for this spring. And being short is nothing that a pair of heels can't fix.

Polka Dots



Now I'm a little old-fashioned with this one and I like the typical black and white polka dot look, but I have seen some really adorable alternatives for this spring. One of my favourites was a pale pink blouse with white polka dots, so cute! Don't get caught up in thinking that only girls under the age of 10 should be wearing polka dots, we're all allowed to look adorable at any age.

That's my round up of trends to recycle for this spring. I'm sure your wallet will thank me now that you can pull out at least five staple outfits for this spring, without even spending a dime. For those of you who missed these trends last year, I'll be hunting for them in the stores along with you! If anyone spots some palazzo pants, holler!

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