09/09/2014 09:43 EDT | Updated 11/09/2014 05:59 EST

8 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Season To Fall In Love

Earlier this summer, brought you some pretty sweet reasons to have a summer fling.

Well, we hope that fling has sizzled or it's is about to take a turn for the serious, 'cause there's no better time to fall (no pun intended) in love and start a relationship than in the -- wait for it -- fall.


Fall means fresh beginnings.

We've said it before; the Tuesday after Labour Day marks the real start to the New Year -- and always has. It's a time to shake off the summer booze and BBQ haze and refocus, both professionally and personally.

And romantic Sunday walks.

Now that cottage weekends and last-minute road trips are winding down, you'll be spending more Sunday Fundays on your city streets. This means crisp, cozy, sweater-wearing walks while it's still an option (meaning, before another damn Polar Vortex arrives) complete with a romantic backdrop of changing leaves. And hand holding. Sigh.

You can coordinate Halloween costumes.

Sometimes, a Halloween costume is simply made better when part of a pair. Not to mention, it will inspire cute photo opps for what will likely be your first few 'couple shots' together.

You'll have a hibernation season partner-in-crime.

Opting out of a big night in favour of pizza, wine, sweatpants, and Netflix on the couch is so much less depressing when you have someone else to share it with. Not to mention comfortable, meaningful sex sounds just a little more appealing than a drunken bar make-out...

You'll have a date for charity ball season and the holiday party circuit.

Charity ball season starts in full force in just a few weeks, followed shortly after by holiday party season. You've done it solo for long enough; arrive with someone on your arm this year (and coordinate your outfits while you're at it).

And won't be lonely for the holidays.

The holidays are made so much better (hell, we may even say magical) when you're in a relationship. This means everything from meeting the parents, to gift-giving, and just getting in the fuzzy holiday spirit in general (which can be tough for singles).

Your New Year's Eve kiss will be locked down.

Without having to grab the first person beside you, which can get awkward when it's your best friend's fiancé. Or so we hear, anyway.

You'll have a wingman for a romantic weekend getaway somewhere sunny.

As fun as Vegas and Miami trips with the guys and girls are, sometimes you need a peaceful, low-key, beach-filled romantic getaway.

Have we enticed you to reactivate that online profile yet?

Thought so.


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