08/29/2014 03:02 EDT | Updated 10/29/2014 05:59 EDT

17 Thoughts That Are A Total Waste of Energy

While it appears that many of us are seemingly 'living the dream', most young adults share many of the same worries.

Through countless conversations with friends, coworkers, and acquaintances, it's quickly obvious that we're all spending too much time on thoughts that are a total waste of energy.

Here are 17 from the team at and this should be the last time you ever think about any of them.

How does he/she make more money than me?

Sure, you may think he or she has the IQ of a squirrel and may justifiably find yourself shocked by their financial success in their career. But by comparing your financial situation to theirs, you've automatically put yourself in a position of lower status. While they're reaping the fruits of their labour, you're sitting there lamenting.

Am I going to have to settle in love?

Trust us, we understand the plight of the single young professional in cities across the country. It isn't easy, especially when it seems that everyone you know is getting locked down. But you won't settle. If you did, there'll come a point when you wished you hadn't.

Should I have hit send?

Maybe you shouldn't have (especially those of us who have a problem with wearing our hearts on our keypads). But what good will it possibly do lamenting over that sent text or email? It's literally out of your hands.

Why isn't my picture getting more 'likes?'

Although it's been proven that each 'like' stimulates the reward centre in the brain, don't become obsessed with the numbers of likes that perfectly executed picture receives. All that does is scream that you seek validation from others. And you don't.

I could never get in front of that business contact.

Not with that attitude you won't. They are only human as well, and were probably once as green and timid as you are. Go for it.

This is totally not where I pictured myself at this point in my life.

Does anything ever go according to plan? And, not to be the ones to remind you of the over-used cliché that '30 is the new 20' - we have to admit that it's true. Plus, we promise you've had fun.

Is he/she the one who got away?

Maybe. But unless he or she happens to be magically single, there's no point wasting your time on 'what if.' And if it didn't work the first time...

Is his/her new significant other a better catch than I am?

These thoughts are undoubtedly fuelled by ample social media stalking and will cause you and your self-esteem nothing but harm. Maybe on paper (or a computer screen) they are a better catch than you. But do you really need to remind yourself of that? And don't make us tell you again how everyone's life looks better on social media.

Will I look like an idiot at this art exhibition?

Art can be a little intimidating if it's new to you, and you may avoid gallery openings and exhibits simply because you're afraid to intelligently talk about it. But you need to start somewhere, and discussing art can be as simple as "it reminds me of..."

Am I good enough for this job?

If you're wasting time second-guessing yourself instead of focusing on your job, it definitely isn't going to help your case.

Could I really pull that off?

In all honesty, you can pull off even the most outrageous outfit with the right attitude. You take risks in every other part of your life; why not get creative with your wardrobe as well?

Maybe I should just marry someone rich...

Ask Elin Nordegren how that worked out for her.

If I see one more Facebook "engaged" status update...

Well, you're not going to delete that account any time soon. And you'll probably be announcing your own before too long if you manage to focus on the relationship you have (or finding one) rather than being bitter or annoyed about other people's happiness.

I don't really need to work out.

Sure, you're skinny and pretty lean for someone who doesn't even own a pair of running shoes. But that doesn't mean that you're healthy -- or that it will last forever. Buy that gym membership already.

God, my parents are so annoying.

At least you're fortunate to still have them. One day you may only wish you could hear your mom's nagging voice on the line.

Are there going to be hot guys/girls there?

We admit; we're guilty of these thoughts on the regular. But if your only goal is to meet fellow sexy singles on a night out, you'll be too consumed in your quest to enjoy the moment and the crew you're with. And if you end the evening without even scoring a number, you'll feel like the whole evening was a waste of time and an outfit.

I can't believe I hooked up with him/her.

We all have a few hookups that we're not proud of. But it's better to pretend that it didn't happen than to beat yourself up about it. And it could (probably?) be worse.


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