01/03/2012 03:16 EST | Updated 03/03/2012 05:12 EST

Everyday Glamour


Care to add touches of glamour to your life? If these little practices aren't already in your repertoire, then January is a fabulous time to introduce them to your weekly routine.

  • Sitting down with your favourite magazine and a piping hot cup of tea or coco in that mug you purchased while travelling.
  • Wearing red lipstick.
  • Fresh flowers for your home.
  • Travelling: I like to make it an occasion. I plan a cute but appropriate outfit. I dress my passport in a chic leather cover. I have my essentials in my carry-on: Lotion, eye mask, pashmina scarf, lip balm and of course the necessary reading. And I strut all the way down to the plane.
  • Stepping out of a car legs first, so as to show off your shoes.
  • Treating yourself to a blow out, whether it is at a salon or at home.
  • Purchasing a little something lovely from that gorgeous-but-far-too-expensive shop that you adore so much, like a beautiful scented candle or a piece of stationery.
  • Sending a handwritten thank you note to a dear friend.
  • Lighting candles when you are home alone and curling up on the couch with a luxurious throw.
  • Having your nails perfectly painted.
  • Wearing your most fabulous sunglasses.
  • Decorating your home for the seasons.
  • Adding texture and layers to your home décor with a gorgeous wool blanket, ornate and modern picture frames, metallic accents, delicious scented candles and sheepskins.
  • Accessorizing an outfit; it just feels good and fabulous -- and don't forget a cocktail ring.
  • Showcasing just your most fabulous lipsticks on your bathroom counter -- I like to feature mine in a glass canister with crystal diamond paperweights.
  • Wearing an Angora beret, because it's very French of you and rather adorable.
  • Dressing for the evening in a glamorous natural fibre like silk, you can't help but feel elegant, and it radiates.
  • A freshly starched white shirt.
  • Ordering a peanut buster parfait for yourself just because. What diet?
  • That sweet moment of calm after a hard-working yoga class; you're lying on your mat under dimmed lights with only your breathing to focus on... It is a moment of true serenity.
  • Knowing you have proper stockings and garters on under your dress rather than the usual tights.
  • Laughing freely.
  • Speaking confidently in a group of people -- how it becomes you!
  • Ordering your drink of choice at each restaurant. Some call it boring, but I call it a signature and exploratory.
  • Having a signature: Red lips, always in heels, a gold watch or consistently having perfectly done nails.