12/06/2012 06:56 EST | Updated 02/05/2013 05:12 EST

Calgary HuffPost Blogger Wins Best Political Blog At Canadian Blog Awards


He is the lamb in the lion's den.

Vincent St. Pierre is an opinionated, straight-talking blogger, who never shies away from stirring the pot and he's ahem, a Liberal.. in Calgary..

But he doesn't just thrive in what would typically be a hostile environment, he blogs about it to the world and his blog,, was just named Best Political Blog at the Canadian Blog Awards.

The winners in each category -- of which there were nearly two dozen and included best travel, technology, food, sports and others -- were chosen through popular votes.

"The Canadian Blog Awards is an annual event on the Canadian Blogosphere in which Canadian Bloggers and Blog Readers vote to decide which blog is the best - either overall or within a category," states the Canadian Blog Awards page.

The awards have been around since 2004.

Vincent has been part of The Huffington Post family since the launch of HuffPost Alberta and his contribution to the brand and insight into Alberta politics from the other side of the fence have been invaluable.

Most recently, Vincent followed and wrote on the intricacies and the unforeseen shifting tide that took a hold of the Calgary Centre byelection. It was a grassroots tidal shift that no one foresaw. Well, Vincent did and he forecasts a continuing shift.

The four-point gap between the Liberals and the Conservatives can be closed. What brought the Locke campaign to such a close race with the Tories was that he articulated principles that for such a long time haven't been talked about. Especially from Liberals. A principle governing style: focused on being fiscally prudent, socially progressive, and environmentally responsible at home and abroad are key here.

Vincent has been operating Calgary Liberal for more than three years and has managed to rake in an immense amount of knowledge and insight into the political landscape locally, provincially and nationally.

So on behalf of The Huffington Post family, we'd like to extend our most heartfelt congratulations to one of our most edgy bloggers, Vincent St. Pierre.

The Huffington Post's blog platform is, above all else, a launch pad for the sharing of ideas. Nationally, our stable of bloggers includes everyone from Preston Manning to David Suzuki and, in terms of subjects, anything goes.

If you'd like to blog for HuffPost Alberta, or cross post from an existing blog, send us a note here. You see, Vincent could really use the company at the awards next year.