06/08/2011 09:02 EDT | Updated 08/08/2011 05:12 EDT

Smokey Eyes Still Smolder Thousands of Years Later

The first smokey eye-con that comes to mind is Ancient Egypt's Cleopatra. She was a powerful, intelligent, and charismatic ruler and our perceptions of dark-rimmed eyes are similar to those of our girl Cleo.

We've all been on the receiving end of a smouldering stare. Luckily, mine have mostly been occupational hazards! In my experience, the smokey eye is one of the most sought-after looks. Here's why it's still the one to watch.

Originating in ancient Egypt, the first smokey eye-con that comes to mind is Cleopatra. She was a powerful, intelligent, and charismatic ruler. But honey, we can't all have it all. Unlike the Hollywood version portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor, Cleo wasn't exactly a classic beauty. Luckily, in Egyptian culture, beauty and fashion were very important to both men and women, so cosmetics literally saved face.

It's true that beauty can be toxic, as was a characteristic of the lead-laden kohl eyeliner worn back then. Isn't it interesting how this 'toxic' makeup was also applied to ward off infections and evil spirits, and protect the wearer in the afterlife? I joke that I couldn't live without my Jouviance Anti-Aging Cream. But would you believe that eye makeup application tools have even been found in early burial chambers as essential items for the afterlife? (We must look our best when we meet our maker!)

Today, the same makeup looks are designed to have the opposite affect, by livening up our eyes and even attracting a little scandal. Cobalt, smeared rims and lids are perfect for transforming 'daytime' looks into sexier evening looks.

Ask anyone on the scene, and it's clear that our perceptions of dark-rimmed eyes are similar to those of our girl Cleo, and are rooted in power and intrigue. Often referred to as the bed-head of eye makeup, smudged eyes can be worn by anyone and can conjure up sultry, edgy looks -- from, rocker to sex kitten, and anything in between.

If King Tut could do it, you can too

Let's say Beyonce, J Lo and Kim Kardashian are more up your alley than ancient Egyptian rulers. It's easy to achieve this mysterious look (and to take on a whole new persona, if you want). The key to the perfect smokey eye is blending baby!

• Apply eye primer to the entire lid for a crease free application.

• Now apply your base color from the lash line to the brow, dab a little silver-white in the inner corner. It's also important to pair light base colours with rich dark colours. Try combinations like soft gold base with deep purple on top, champagne base with bright blue and peach base with green hue... colour is alluring!

• Line both the inner and outer top and bottom rims of the eye with an eye pencil, be sure to pay close attention and get into the lash line itself. ALWAYS extend at least one-eighth of an inch outside of the outer corner to elongate the eye. (If your eyes are small, apply liner starting from the middle of the under eye to the outside of the eye. If your eyes are large, go for it and line from corner to corner.)

• With a small eye shadow brush, soften the edges of the line by gently smudging into the lid. Want more impact? Build on that base by blending deeper charcoals in the crease and outer edge of the lid. Then smudge even more along the bottom lid. Seriously smokin'!

Some of my must-haves to hit this look hard are; eyelid primer, a black lash thickening mascara, dark complementary eye pencil to match your color pallet and if you want to turn up the intensity add eye gloss to the mix!

Go on and rock like an Egyptian and help this undying trend live on.