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Like many elderly folks vulnerable to disinformation, her newfound views came from a trusted family member.
Our fear of death disconnects us from our families and friends, when one of the good things about it is how it brings us together.
The Americanization of the Black experience had become so deeply rooted in me that I felt like I didn’t have a home within Blackness.
When our younger kids came along, it was time to redefine "good parenting."
I'm still learning to let go of the guilt I feel for grieving him during a pandemic.
Christmas is no less magical without the big guy in red.
How many women dare to publicly say that we won’t be patronized?
Her sacrifices as a working mother in Vietnam made me the person I am today.
"Bolstered by my new secret identity as an erotica writer, I decided it was time to come clean with my family."