01/16/2013 05:15 EST | Updated 03/18/2013 05:12 EDT

You Are Smarter Than Your Cancer


Cancer is really stupid. It is also suicidal. Thinking of your cancer in this way tends to take away some of its power and some of your fear. The less power you give your cancer, the more you will give yourself. Reducing your level of fear will also increase your power.

Cancer has one purpose in life -- to grow. It is completely and totally addicted to this growth to the exclusion of all else. Other cells in the body have mechanisms to retard or increase their growth according to the needs of the body. Cancer not only does not have these traits, but it has the ability to metastasize in order to grow faster and in more areas of the body. This is a major reason it is so deadly. It becomes the whack-a-mole of diseases, popping up all over the place. The end result is that it kills its host and itself. Like Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin, and Amy Winehouse, cancer lives fast and dies young.

Cancer's narcissism is what make it so short-sighted and moronic. It is so focused on the goals of growth that it ignores the fact that it will kill the host and will also go down with the ship. It is not contagious, so cannot survive without the resident body. It only has one home but always wants to burn it down.

Certain cancers like prostate and follicular lymphoma tend to be slower growing allowing them to survive longer. Others that begin in areas like the liver, brain and esophagus tend to grow quite quickly and therefore have shorter life spans. They are like kids playing with matches around open gas cans.

The more you realize that your cancer is that stupid, the more you can believe that you can begin to have more authority over it. It is a two-trick pony that cannot do anything other than grow and transfer itself to other areas of your body. You can re-frame your thinking of cancer by looking at it as a mindless blob rather than a deadly force.

This re-framing to look at it as dumber than paint may also take away some, or maybe all of your fear. Less fear means you have cleared shelf space in your emotional and spiritual rooms to nurture more tools and weapons to fight your cancer. It allows you to empower yourself as a warrior, a huge promotion from thinking your are a victim.

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