01/10/2014 03:28 EST | Updated 02/24/2014 05:59 EST

The Hungry Bank Machine, and Less Hungry Turtle: Zorritos, Peru

I rode a turtle... and met lots of crabs.

Canadian brother and sister Philip and Jayne Davidson are traveling on motorcycles from the Arctic Circle to Patagonia. This is the latest entry in their travel blog. Read their adventure so far, and see where they are right now, here.

I rode a turtle.

After our face-paint-fun border crossing, we ran out of light before our intended destination of Mancora, so stopped in Zorritos. Due to a hungry bank machine, this stop would last longer than intended. And involve meeting a turtle and lots of crabs. To start with, money: we had none.

This machine only partially helped.

After settling in to the "hotel" that we chose purely due to its existance at the side of the road at the exact moment the sun set, we caught a ride in the owners moto-taxi to this bank machine. The only bank machine in town. It promptly went "out of service" mid transaction on Jayne and ate her card. When it re-booted minutes later, her card did not re-appear.

After a local took a chance and succeeded in gaining cash, I also took the plunge and lucked out. I figured we had to come back anyways for Jayne´s card, so might as well try mine. With some luck, I won at the ATM game and we could buy dinner. That is where our luck ended however. When our hotel owner phoned the bank for us (we still struggle with spanish over-the-phone), he found out since the bank was closed the next day for a holiday, we would have to wait an extra day to get Jayne's card back. Looks like we´re staying in Zorritos awhile!

...and our faces are still painted from the border crossing. The local kids loved this fact.

After drinking adult beverages and chasing kids into oncoming traffic with our ghoulish selves, we bailed on the idea of a halloween pub night at an overpriced empty club. Went home, played cards, and went to bed. We´re getting old.


But not before chasing more kids with only one pant leg.


...and looking generally more dead than usual.


Post breakfast, the girls and boys split. Tom and I headed down the deserted beach, while the girls walked in town. It was overcast, but still quite nice. On our adventure, we spoted an odd lump floating in the ocean. We thought it was garbage at first, but as we walked closer... "Hang on, is that a turtle?!"

Yes it is! It´s Toby the turtle!

Toby the turtle washed ashore before our eyes. Unfortunately he was quite bloated and didn´t look very happy.

Toby didn´t look happy at all.


...So we tried to cheer him up!


That´s the spirit!


Toby much happier and chilled out given what´s happened. You know, being dead and all.


Hey you leave Toby alone!


Later on, even Kelly encountered Toby and gave him dirty looks.


Everyone is picking on him! Poor Toby.

Not easy being a dead turtle. Fortunately by nightfall Toby was happier and more at peace.


All smiles. Toby is in a better place.


On to the live ones. Our night walk to check on Toby led us to catch crabs!


Tom nom nom


These crabs were really bad at running away


But pretty good at catching things themselves! And look at his eyes!

Zorritos is a nice, relaxed beach town. Which is a nice way to say there isn´t much going on there. We played cards, drank beer, ate nice mangoes and played with dead turtles to kill the time while we waited to get Jayne´s bank card back. It was a nice break. When the bank re-opened, Jayne regained her card and we set off towards Mancora.

The owner was a great host, helping in every way possible!

Our stay at the unfinished hotel "Hospedaje El Encanto" was remarkable, likely will be even more remarkable when it´s complete. Friendly folks who bent over backwards for us. If you are looking for beach without the crowds and party, Zorritos is a nice alternative to Mancora.

The whole family from our hotel in Zorritos. Will be really nice when it´s finished!


You might even find yourself a pet dead turtle.

Next up: Saving lives and partying in Mancora!