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Closet Purging Tips for You and Your Young Ones

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Often that item of clothing they couldn't separate with yesterday is completely forgotten about tomorrow. How often do we riffle through our closets and see several items of clothes that we forgot we even had? Kids grow quickly, very quickly. Inevitably, clutter builds up. Below are a few very good tips on tackling closets for the whole family.

Tips for Parents and Adults

• Make a date to declutter.

Block 4-6 hours for a deep purge to allow time to try things and benefit from momentum where decisions become faster and easier. Plan maintenance dates with the change of seasons.

• Prepare

Gather six boxes, bins or bags and label: Donate, Consign, Giveaway, Repair, Return & Toss.

• Start

Take everything out of the closet or work through it in chunks ie tops, than pants, than sweaters etc. Put back pieces you: Love, Need, Use, Fit, Make you Feel Great.

• Say Goodbye To...

Anything that doesn't fit or isn't worth altering, doesn't flatter your skin tone, doesn't suit you, is outdated, stained, snagged, pilled or yellowed around the collar or cuffs, has been kept out of guilt ie gifts, hasn't been worn in 1-2 years, doesn't belong in your closet

• Finish

Deal with the purged items immediately.

BONUS tips

• Price -- Disregard the cost of the piece and heed Terence Conran's advice "Hanging onto a bad buy will not redeem the purchase."

• Style -- clothes do go out of fashion and when they return they are different.

• Setup -- Have a donation bin close by and practice the sacred organizing rule of one in and one out

Tips for Kids

• Plan a quarterly review with kids -- it's quick and keeps them on task.

• Give them a heads up that you plan on doing a review.

• Pull out the items in questions ahead.

• Create signs and containers for donate, giveaway, toss, consign and a younger sibling if applicable.

• Have them try on and if they don't fit or are stained let them go.

• Keep some items they can get dirty in ie paint splatter birthday parties or sports.

• Kids usually outgrow their clothes before they wear them out. Exceptions: Favourite shoes can wear through the heel or they leak -- it's time to go. Boys can wear through knees -- try fun iron on patches or seek reinforced pant).

• Keep a bin in the closet where you can toss items right away when they don't pass muster.

• Leave a little spot in the closet as kids love to use it as a secret hiding spot

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