11/29/2014 12:38 EST | Updated 01/29/2015 05:59 EST

How to Save Time This Holiday Season

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How Valuable is your Time this Holiday?

The holidays are typically filled with pleasant traditions and memories, but staying organized and prepared for all the festivities can be a stressful affair. Why not give yourself some extra time and check off items using an easier approach?

Professional Organizers in Canada provide a snapshot of how many hours you can save by approaching several holiday traditions in a virtual way:


Although there are some traditions that will always be dear to your heart which you won't want to compromise on, you may want to consider substituting a few of the others with an easier approach and ultimately save yourself hundreds of hours, dollars and stress!

For more information on Professional Organizers in Canada or to find a professional organizer in your area, visit the POC website.


  • For many, a Christmas film is enough to transform them from Scrooge to Elf.
  • Some opt for the classic...
    TVC London/YouTube
  • Some for the sentimental…..
    Universal Pictures/YouTube
  • And some just want to see a creepy men dressed as Father Christmas...
  • For others, Christmas isn’t Christmas without some festive music.

    Driving Home For Christmas, Happy Xmas (War Is Over) and, err, East 17’s Stay Another Day are firm favourites.
  • Also high on our festive-agendas are fairy lights…..
    Marianna Massey via Getty Images
  • The John Lewis advert (nothing says Christmas like a horny penguin)
    John Lewis
  • Christmas attire…
  • And snowballs (the drink kind, obviously).
    Rob Lawson via Getty Images
  • While we’re on the subject of food, we can’t get enough of Starbucks Christmas drinks...
    HuffPost UK Lifestyle
  • Mulled wine…
    AlexRaths via Getty Images
  • Christmas sandwiches…
    HuffPost UK Lifestyle
  • And those massive boxes of Celebrations.
    Will Dinley/YouTube
  • When our boss gets excited about the office party, we know holidays really are coming...
  • Basically, it’s not Xmas until someone voms.
    GK Hart/Vikki Hart via Getty Images