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Ultimate Organized Packing Tips for March Break

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We're two weeks away from March Break and for most families, that means two weeks away from a family vacation! Before you do anything, be sure to check the weather report at your destination. This will give you a better sense of what to expect and what to pack.

The key to a stress-free vacation is being prepared and a large part of that is dependent on how successfully you pack. Understanding that this can be a daunting task, we've outlined some tips to help you through the packing process:


  • Lay out all the clothes ahead of time; select carefully.
  • Stick with one or two colours that coordinate and are versatile.
  • Layer the outfits, so you can peel off and on according to the temperatures.
  • Choose clothing that can be worn on more than one occasion.


  • Roll clothing items to save space and provide greater visibility if you are going to be living out of the suitcase for a while.

  • Use space-saving bags, packing cubes or transparent kitchen-storage bags. These items are useful if you are going to be making several stops, because it keeps like items together and will eliminate random packing.

  • Leave space in the suitcases if you think you are going to shop.

  • Pack shoes last, soles up. Fill them with small crushable items such as hosiery or socks.


  • Be prepared for lost luggage: carry a change of clothing and must-have medications, and possibly jewelry on the airplane with you.

  • Buy luggage that -- if lost -- is easy to describe or identify.

  • Consider a second copy of passports, important ID and credit cards in luggage or on your smart phone as back up.

  • Once you've selected the items to pack, take photos of them. To make an insurance claim, you may need to remember everything that was in the lost suitcase. The photos may be useful for the next trip as well in planning what you took.

Always remember to limit your items! Vacations are not daily life, so try to avoid bringing all your everyday life items and everyone's entire wardrobe. Most places offer a laundry service or have a washer and dryer that are readily available.

Lastly, be sure to pack a camera or smartphone that will allow you to take pictures wherever you are! March Break vacations are filled with great adventures and memories, which you will want to document.

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